Why attend this essential event?


The best opportunity you’ll get to learn from leaders.

Making Social Collaboration Work has been designed by MWD Advisors – an advisory firm with a decade of experience in collaboration strategy. It will provide you with the building blocks for success, whether you are trying to build early momentum from one part of your organisation, or you are embarking on a strategic initiative to change your organisational culture.

Here are 11 reasons to attend this essential, practitioner-led event.

Just starting out?

  1. Learn how to build a business case for investment, and get commitment from senior leaders
  2. Get tips on planning your launch and communication strategy
  3. Learn how to overcome governance and misuse concerns and fears
  4. Find out how to get early adopters involved and seed viral adoption with an advocate network
  5. Identify the best use cases to help people recognise the value quickly
  6. Understand the key pitfalls to avoid in the early days.

Need to convince your manager of the value of Making Social Collaboration Work? Here’s a ready-made email you can send.

Looking for a boost?

If you’re looking to reinvigorate adoption of an established social platform, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Learn strategies for getting senior managers to use the technology and lead by example
  2. Find out what tools and techniques you can use to encourage users to keep contributing, past the initial ‘honeymoon’ period
  3. Explore how to take advantage of analytics tools to measure and drive your success.

Already experienced?

If you’ve helped establish a successful social collaboration environment in your organisation, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Network and compare notes with peers across various industries
  2. Find new opportunities to share and build on your experience.

Helping you on the way with FREE research

To help you on the way, we have taken a set of MWD Advisors research reports and provided them FREE on this site, to guide you through your social collaboration journey. Check out the resource library for more information.