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Success breeds success with social collaboration

For any social collaboration initiative, one of the biggest challenges is making the leap from the early adopter stage to broad, cross-organisation use of the platform. Whether you’ve built your initiative on a foundation of viral, grass roots adoption of a free tool, or whether you’ve sensibly started small and focused, with a carefully identified use case and a group of enthusiastic pilot users, translating this into new use cases and engaging employees who may be resistant to changing their ways of working can be extremely difficult, and is often the point at which such initiatives peter out.

Often, the biggest missed opportunity is in failing to fully capitalise on that early success, to make sure that you get every possible value out of it. Some of this is about demonstrating credibility; if you can show senior leaders the tangible value that teams and individuals are getting from using the technology, it will help them to buy into what you are trying to do. Some of it is about publicity; finding ways to stay in people’s consciousness is a constant challenge, especially when day-to-day business problems inevitably take people’s attention away. The more positive stories you can find to share with people, the more you can reinforce the idea that this change is here to stay; it’s not just another passing fad.

But perhaps more important is that sharing your success stories – the use cases for your platform that actually deliver value in a business context, whether through making people’s jobs easier, saving them time, or enabling things to happen that simply couldn’t have happened without their use of the social collaboration technology – allows people to understand WHY. This is probably the biggest challenge for people in adopting social collaboration; they simply don’t know why and how this is relevant and potentially valuable to them. Context is extremely important; firstly to show what collaboration means in the context of your particular organisation, given its industry and culture for example, and secondly to show what it means in the context of an individual’s particular role or in a particular team. Replication is your starting point – the more times you can replicate your early adopter use case across the business, the better. But more than that, you want to inspire people, to help them come up with their own ideas for how the technology could help them. A great idea is to build these success stories into your training courses, like Springer Nature (formerly Macmillan Science and Education) has done, and encourage people in that setting to discuss potential ways they could emulate this, or to come up with alternatives.

The final point I want to mention here is the advocate opportunity. Not only is it important to share your successful use cases far and wide, it’s also critical to highlight the individuals and teams involved in those successes. This is something that is often forgotten about, but it can actually provide a fantastic boost to your efforts, as these early adopters are often your very best advocates, especially if they were not wholly behind you to start with. The more you can celebrate these teams across the organisation, and encourage them to share their experiences with their peers themselves, rather than you doing it as a third-party, the more real and genuine they will come across. This is ultimately your goal; you want people to collaborate because it is worthwhile, and these individuals are the perfect spokespeople for that. Celebrate them well.

If you are trying to drive adoption of social collaboration tools in your organisation, join us at Making Social Collaboration Work in London on 15th October to hear from fantastic case study speakers – including Katherine Jones from Springer Nature – who can share more practical tips for how to make your initiative a success. Tickets are still available, but it’s only a week away now, so you’ll need to hurry!

Just two weeks to go… don’t miss out!

There are just two weeks left until we welcome a group of knowledge managers, internal communications managers, community managers, programme and change managers, researchers and IT managers to Making Social Collaboration Work – our one-day event focused on case studies and practical knowledge-sharing sessions.

We’ll welcome representatives from professional services, legal, high-tech, financial services and pharmaceutical industries as well as government and third-sector organisations.

Do you want  to be part of the conversation in London on October 15th?

We still have a few tickets left, so if you are interested, please don’t delay your registration!

Just 6 weeks to go! Will we see you on October 15th?

We’re busy preparing for October 15th, when we’ll host our one-day Making Social Collaboration Work masterclass event in London. We have a fantastic roster of case study speakers lined up, and structured discussion groups will allow you to share ideas and learn from others. There will be great food and drink too, in a super venue in the cool London neighbourhood of Clerkenwell.

If you’re embarking on a social collaboration initiative or are starting to explore the value of doing so, you will not find a better way to spend a day of your time. If you’re not satisfied that this event has delivered value to you, we will refund your ticket, no questions asked.

Tickets are now priced at £269 + VAT, although discounts are available if you want to purchase tickets for a group. Get yours now, before we sell out this super event.

Will we see you in London on October 15th? We really hope so – it’s going to be a fantastic day!

Social collaboration in transition

Last month, we launched an online survey to take the pulse of the social collaboration market, to get insights into the current levels of adoption maturity, the experiences of those who have already embraced social collaboration, and the concerns of those who have yet to invest in this technology.

We’re delighted to announce the results of this survey, included in a new report called Social collaboration in transition.

cpk_ap_soccollab_survey_0815The key finding: we’re entering a new phase in the adoption of social collaboration technologies, with smaller organisations starting to embrace the opportunities it presents, inspired by a completely different set of drivers to those that have fueled adoption to date.

>> Download the survey report now!

You don’t have to register to get this report – but in our Resource Library on this site you can get a whole host of related social collaboration research for free by registering.

Register for the Making Social Collaboration Work event!

If Social Collaboration is an area that’s relevant to you, join us at Making Social Collaboration Work on 15th October. It will be a great opportunity to learn from organisations that have already achieved success with this technology, to get practical advice, and answers to your questions.

>> Get the survey report now

Announcing a new event partner: the Association for Learning Technology

We’re excited to announce that the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is partnering with us to help Making Social Collaboration Work a huge success!

Social collaboration is a huge trend in the learning technology space, and the  ALT is a membership organisation that’s at the forefront of advancing practice in this area.

As part of our partnership, ALT members are entitled to a 20% discount on tickets to our event. We’re very much looking forward to having ALT members contribute to the fantastic learning environment that we’ll create on October 15th in London!

If you’re an ALT member and want to claim your discount code, just drop us a line.

Book your place before August 1st to save 25% on your ticket!

The Early Bird pricing period for Making Social Collaboration Work ends on July 31st.

Until July 31st, you can get tickets for £199 + VAT (or even less, if you buy two or more tickets).

After July 31st, the price goes up to £269 + VAT.

£269 is still a fantastic price for an intense day of fantastic social collaboration case study learning, practitioner-led discussions and networking. But who doesn’t like saving money?

Register now to get your ticket and secure your 25% discount!

Need to convince your manager?

Want to come to Making Social Collaboration Work on October 15th in London but  need to convince your manager so they’ll sign off on your attendance?

Copy and paste this handy text as the basis for an email!

Dear [manager’s name],

Making Social Collaboration Work, an event hosted by MWD Advisors, is being held in London on 15th October 2015, and I believe my attendance would bring real value for our organisation. Here are some reasons why I’d like to attend:

  • The Making Social Collaboration Work event is focused explicitly on practical advice and lessons learnt, with a panel of speakers from organisations that have already succeeded in implementing social technologies to help better sharing of knowledge and to improve employee engagement inside their companies.
  • This event is a great opportunity for me to understand the key challenges ahead of us as we move forward with our own initiative, to learn from the experiences of other organisations, and to find out how to address and resolve the issues that we might face. It will enable us to better understand the costs and commitments that we need to plan for, and to get answers to the questions we face about why this is a good investment for our organisation.
  • The practical, interactive nature of the event – with an emphasis on discussion, networking and peer-to-peer advice – is a great way for me to get tips on how to drive adoption of our social technology among our employees, and how to make the most of our limited resources to build and maintain enthusiasm and momentum in the longer term.
  • MWD Advisors is a well-respected research and advisory firm that is widely known for its emphasis on helping organisations like ours to get real value out of their technology investments, providing advice and guidance in organisations’ efforts to bring about change with the help of technology.

I hope you agree that my attendance at this event is a good investment that will benefit our business. You can read more about the Making Social Collaboration Work event at

Thanks for your consideration.

Win a free ticket!

Would you like the chance to boost your practical social collaboration knowledge and build your peer network, free of charge? It’s easy to win a free ticket worth £269!

At the end of every month between now and October 15th (so that’s June 30th, July 31st, August 31st, September 30th) we’re going to give away a free ticket to Making Social Collaboration Work.


To enter, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the competition entry form below.
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  3. Send at least 2 tweets about the event to your Twitter followers (you can copy the examples below, or create your own).
  4. To qualify, your tweets must contain the two hashtags #MSCW15 and #win, and include this shortened link to our event homepage:

Here’s some example tweets to get you started!

I want to go to Making Social Collaboration Work! Who’s with me?  #MSCW15 #win

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Competition terms & conditions

  • This competition opens on June 1st 2015, and closes on September 30th 2015.
  • You can only win this competition if you formally enter using the form on this page, and then subsequently post at least 2 tweets as outlined in point (4) above within the space of a calendar month (June, July, August, September). So, for example, if you post your tweets in July, then you’ll  become eligible to win the ticket that we give away on July 31st.
  • Winners will be drawn at random.
  • If you win one of our monthly draws, we’ll notify you using the email you provide, within a week of the end of the month in which you win.
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  • By completing the competition entry form and submitting, you’re agreeing to us contacting you by email about this event.
  • Please feel free to tweet as often as you like, but you can only win one free ticket maximum.

Announcing a fantastic event partner: IoIC

When the team here at MWD Advisors first started designing our Making Social Collaboration Work event, we had one key thought at the front of our minds: we’re doing this to help make organisations successful; to get people learning from each other about how to make social collaboration work.

This peer-to-peer connection is the centre of gravity of our event. Everything else will flow if we get this right.

With that in mind, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) to help us bring this promise to life.


We know from our own case study research that Internal Communications (IC) professionals have very valuable roles to play in helping to drive success from social collaboration initiatives. We also know, from the IoIC itself, that the evolution of the communication and collaboration tools landscape is something that the community has a keen desire to stay abreast of.

We’re really excited about welcoming IoIC members: we’re sure that the perspective they bring will enrich the conversation and make this a killer event! Having the IoIC working on this event is one more reason why – if you’re intrigued by, preparing for or involved in a social collaboration initiative – you cannot afford to miss out.

Download the event brochure

Register now! (Early bird pricing is still available, until March 14th).

About the IoIC

The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) is the only UK professional body solely dedicated to furthering internal communication knowledge and practice. It supports internal communication practitioners throughout their career, and promotes best practice in the function, through training and development, national and regional events, awards, networking and the development of knowledge and research. Further information is available at, or from

Peer led discussions. Real solutions. Expand your network.

It’s a couple of years now since the hype around enterprise social collaboration kicked off in a serious way, but we’ve been researching how organisations get business value from new collaboration technologies for much longer than that. Angela Ashenden, our lead analyst in this space, has built up a fantastic base of case study knowledge across multiple industries; and the organisations we’ve worked with have built collaboration practices that are helping them streamline processes, improve employee engagement, drive innovation and more.

So we’re delighted to announce that on 14th May 2015 in London we’re running our first all-day conference – Making Social Collaboration Work.

The event is designed for internal communications professionals, knowledge managers, intranet managers, HR leaders – and indeed anyone else tasked with driving improvements in how people connect together to create and share knowledge. The event is built from our rock-solid understanding about what works, and what doesn’t work, when it comes to the real-world challenges and processes associated with driving successful adoption of new collaboration technologies and practices.

In keeping with our overall research and advisory approach, we’re packing the agenda full of real-world case study speakers and round-table sessions.

There will be no vendor presentations.

There will be great food and drink.

The event will run for a full day, and the location (being finalised now) will be in central London and easily accessible.