Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect at the Making Social Collaboration Work event. Please be sure to check back soon as the agenda develops!

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Packed with in-depth, real-world stories and discussions.

09.15: Registration and breakfast

MWD logo10.00: Welcome, and Making Social Collaboration Work

Opening Keynote – Angela Ashenden – Principal Analyst, MWD Advisors


10.20: Case Study: How to Use Your Community to Mobilise Your Colleagues and Drive Change Across Your Organisation

Kim England – Director Global Internal Communities, Pearson plc

Pearson’s enterprise social network (ESN) Neo is marking its 5th birthday this year. Neo is a highly engaged community with between 70-75% of users logging in daily. Over the last 2 years Pearson has been through a global transformation and Neo has been at the heart of this change. Kim will describe the journey Pearson has been on and how they’ve used their ESN to drive the change across the organisation.

11.05: Break

UnLtd Logo
11.30: Case Study: Being Seriously Social, with a Smile

Virginia Henry – Knowledge and Learning Manager, UnLtd

Social collaboration is a serious business. Social collaborators, on the other hand, don’t want to feel constrained by strategic imperatives and corporate red tape. So how do you balance business needs with people’s preferences? Sticks and carrots are for donkeys – our colleagues require more sophisticated enticements to engage.

This presentation provides the opportunity to explore some practical approaches to eliciting and maintaining engagement in collaboration.


12.15: Making the Business Case for Social Collaboration

Sheila Parry – Former Director, Institute of Internal Communication, and Founder, theblueballroom

What does effective internal communication now look like, and how does this relate to current social collaboration trends? Drawing on the Institute of Internal Communication’s many years of experience supporting communication professionals, and from her 15 years as an agency head, Sheila will consider the potential business value and risks associated with social collaboration; and discuss how to navigate the challenges to achieve successful initiatives.

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Case Study: Breaking down silos through openness and collaboration

Katherine Jones – Community Manager, Internal Communications, Macmillan Science and Education

Macmillan Science and Education introduced their Enterprise Social Network (ESN) to break down silos and connect 5,700 employees in 50+ countries, bringing them all together for the first time. Katherine will talk about the launch of their ESN and share some of the ways it has led to business success internally and externally through their ability to now connect with each other, find out more about products and services and share knowledge and best practice.

14.45: Round-Table Discussions:

Each roundtable will be held twice (30 minutes each), so please choose the two topics that are most relevant/interesting for you:

  • Building a business case for social collaboration
  • Engaging business leaders
  • Community management and governance
  • Defining and measuring success

16.05: Break

16.35: Expert panel and roundup of the day’s discussions

In this session, we’ll get the speakers’ views on the key topics and issues that have arisen during the day, and you’ll have a further chance to put your questions to our great panel.

Host: Craig Wentworth (MWD Advisors) / Panel: Kim England (Pearson), Virginia Henry (UnLtd), Sheila Parry (theblueballroom), Katherine Jones (Springer Nature), Angela Ashenden (MWD Advisors).

17.10: Close
17.15: Drinks reception and prize draw

Download the full event brochure