Are you taking responsibility for social collaboration adoption?

You can’t simply implement a technology platform and hope for the best. You will fail. Watch this video to learn five critical success factors in just 3 minutes.


Come and learn from the leaders.

Making Social Collaboration Work is a one-day masterclass event on October 15th in London, UK. It’s designed specifically to give you practical advice and lessons learned, shared directly by a panel of leading case study speakers who have made social collaboration work for their organisations.

Learn from companies that have already driven real business value from social collaboration:

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How did education and media multinational Pearson encourage collaborative working across 80 countries, consolidating 130 intranets and reducing the time it took to roll out extensive workplace technology changes? You’ll find out here.

Whether your preferred approach is a social intranet, an enterprise social network (ESN), a community platform or something else, the fact is that your ultimate social collaboration success will depend on much more than your technology choice.

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All practical advice. No arm-waving.

This event is not a technology showcase event. There will be no vendor presentations.

You’ll benefit from in-depth peer-to-peer discussion, interaction and real-world advice about how your organisation can guarantee business value from a social collaboration investment. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to reinvigorate an existing initiative, this is a great opportunity to network with others facing the same challenges as you.

Here are 11 reasons why you should attend.

An event for everyone involved in social collaboration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re implementing a few social features or a full enterprise social network, this event will help you learn from people who have done it already, and get your questions answered.

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